Leela Devi
Transformation Center
Visit our oasis under the trees for a deep dive into
stillness & personal tran
Sunday Sangha
9:30 am  yoga, 10:50 Meditation, 11:45  
$20   sign-up:

A transformation coach is a guide and partner for a woman on the edge of
expansion, who is ready to challenge old assumptions and patterns, to
uncover old stories and beliefs about self, others, and life.  She is ready
embrace the role of the caterpillar metamorphosi
ng into the chrysalis and
then emerge as a spectacular butterfly in flight. A transformation coach
facilitates a generative conversation, holds space for new possibility to
emerge that never existed before, as the client aligns with an expanded
sense of self and higher purpose in the world.
Leela Devi
Transformational Coach &
Workshop Facilitation

Leela is uniquely Certified in the
Feminine Power Principles of
transformative change making and
personal growth inside of a
matriarchal paradigm.
Designed to move women from a
place of stuckness into manifesting
their deepest desires.
Coaching Packages
are avaialbe
Give Leela a call to
explore the infinite
possiblities all around