Freaky Friday

Unstructured  Movement

 Get YOUR GROOVE on !!!
Freaky Friday
Is a moving meditation...  a unique opportunity to release
stress, move, express, explore the realms of improvised &
unstructured movement.  There are
NO STEPS to learn &
NO need to move on the beat...just move the way YOU
feel  every moment.  There is no wrong way to do Magical
Movement. Just have a blast moving to the BEATS of the
ethnic drums.

The moving meditation of Freaky Friday
follows a format created
by Gabrielle Roth, she calls it
The WAVE has 5 movement patterns
Flow:  warm-up, circles
Staccato: percussive, pulsing,  diagonals
Chaos: high tempo, shake it out, get EMPTY
Lyrical:  joyful, light, playful
Stillness:  slow, sustained, soft, suspended, relaxed, quiet

Each rhythm pattern is matched to a specific number of
beats per minute the tempo starts out slow for
flow, it
builds to a quick pulse with
staccato, intensifies to high
tempo in
chaos , lyrical drops down to delightful skip  , and
stillness dissolves into a sustained, suspension as the
wave draws to a close.

You will leave relaxed & joyful with a smile on your face.  :)

The music is high energy, up-tempo, world groove.

GREAT time !!!!  
WHERE: Leela Devi Yoga
TIME: 0:00pm  snack & do art,
orientation & warm-up,
0:00-0:00 Moving Meditation

COST:  $7.00

Upcoming Events:  will be posted as
events"on the Leela Devi Yoga Page on
Face Book.
To be invited to the event please send a    
friend request :)
Facilitated by Leela Devi : Leela Devi has a
Degree in Dance Performance from the University
of Southern Mississippi. During her teens, Leela
was a founding member of the Twin  City Ballet
Company & a lead dancer in Louisiana Legend at
the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo. In
California, Leela danced with the Nevada City &
Sacramento 5-Rhythms Tribe for 5 years.  Leela
brings a life-time of dance experiences to share
with you in this joyful experience.