&  Reiki
Bring your BODY into BALANCE
   N A T U R A L
Experience an hour long session of Chakra Balancing, 45 minutes
of Reiki energy work, crystals, EFT with balancing affirmations,
essential oils, smudging, & other modalities as needed

Other modalities include: deep breathing, stress reduction, relaxation techniques,
flower essences, shamanic journeying, medicine cards, guided visualization, toning, chi
gong, yoga postures, herbal tea, & etc.
Coaching Packages
(Introductory Pricing)

Laser Focus
6....1 hour coaching sessions

Deep Dive into Transformation Coaching    
15...1 hour coaching sessions

Stress Buster & Self Care  
9 coaching sessions &
8 Stress Buster sessions:
including Reiki, Yoga, Meditation,
Movement, & Chi Gong