What is Sivananda Yoga?

    Sivananda Yoga is pure, classical Hatha Yoga from India. The style has not been
    modified, or watered down.  The teachings have survived intact and are practiced as
    originally presented in India by Swami Sivananda in 1936.  Sivananda Yoga is an
    international practice, which follows the same format world wide.   

    Sivananda Yoga, is a complete healing system, is scientifically designed to help the
    body maintain a natural healthy state.  The practice is intended to tone and strengthen
    all of the muscle groups of the entire body. The objective of the class is to reduce
    stress, relax muscles, increase blood-oxygen level, & improve general over all health.

    What is a Sivananda Yoga class like?

    Sivananda Yoga Open Class begins with a brief period of
    relaxation, followed by 2 yogic breathing exercises, and
    several rounds of sun salutation.  Sivananda Yoga asana
    system is practiced in the same order each class with a
    relaxation pose after every posture.  The class concludes
    with a 15 minute relaxation period.   The instructor adds
    variations to the postures, as the student’s skill level
    What to wear?        
    Loose comfortable
    cotton clothing..      
    for example:
    T- shirt  & scrub pants
    Please avoid:
  • eating a meal 2 hours
    prior to taking class
  • wearing scented oils,
    perfumes,cologne, or
    other scented body-
    care  products to class
    What to bring?
  • a thick cushion
    to sit on
  • a small bottle of
    (mats are available)
YOGA Class Description

    OPEN CLASS: is a drop in class, available to anyone
    practicing at any level.  The class content is adjusted to
    meet  the level of participants.  Cost:  $15 Tues. 6:30-8:00
    pm,  Thursday 9:00-10:30 am

    Yoga ONE:  is a course which gentle introduction to yogic
    practice.  This class gently explores the beginner level postures
    and adapts these posture to the level of the practioner.  Each
    class has a gentle warm up, relaxation, deep breathing, asanas .
    The class focuses on allowing first time students to gently explore
    yogic practice while being carefully supervised to prevent injury.
    Class times:  Thurs. day evenings @ 6:30 pm

    Yoga Coaching
    A one on one look at yoga practice designed to meet the
    practioner where they are and tailored to meet the students
    needs exactly.  Great for students with special health concerns
    and useful for new practioners who want to learn the basics
    before attending an open class.
    One hour session for 1 person
    ..... bring a friend or spouse      TBA ?

    Private Lesson
    For the yoga student that wants to increase the quality of his/her
    practice.  In depth personal instruction to help you excel in your
    practice & fine tune your yoga asanas.... go deeper.  Learn new
    variations of traditional postures, challenge your posture
    vocabulary. Push your personal limits. Deeper yoga exploration
    for the established practioner.
    One hour session $50  1.5 hours $70

  Yoga ONE Course

 5 weeks,  75 minute classes  $65

    An  introductory course designed to
    acquaint new students to yogic breathing,
    gentle stretching, moderate yoga postures,
    intermingled with relaxation postures, and
    instructor supervision to prevent injury.  A
    safe a gentle way to explore the numerous
    benefits of yogic practice.